Princess Is Not An Occupation

“Princess Is Not An Occupation” is a manifesto to society about the overlooked strength of women. It’s one of many original poems by Khalisa Rae. Khalisa “Kelly” Rae is a Wilmington, North Carolina based author, writer, and entrepreneur, and Creative Director for Athenian Press & Workshops.

“Princess Is Not An Occupation”

There are men that say
we women are all the same
all love-struck and sex crazed
twirling telephone cords around our fingers waiting on their text message responses and there are girls
that say we are all damsel
all flower
all torn pieces of lace
waiting on some strong man’s hands
to sew us back together

contrary to popular belief
all women’s cries over balconies
don’t sound like yours
some women’s cries sound like battle
like hymns
like messages to God

I was born from
the soles of women that knew
something comes from nothing
knew being alone is a test of faith
that could stand in a war zone
with one baby on hip
one in hand
and still take care of home
and business
all at the same time

I don’t know
just what family you come from
don’t know anything about your
ancestry or family tree
but what I do know
is what’s standing in front of me
is a good representation of the other
women in your family

a good indication of who taught you
how to howl at the wind
who taught you to dust off
spit out the blood
and go back to the fight

all tears and no fight
all whining
and no perseverance
did the matriarchs
teach you nothing of survival?

did they not teach you how to wear woman-hood like a shield
and not a warning label?

the contents in this package are not “easily broken” it is evident from the sobs
from the constant falling apart
when nothing goes your way
that you have never been
smacked across the face by life

it’s clear to me that you have never had to choose between want and need
because to you
they are the same

I pity the women who never knew the
word STRONG in their house
those that constantly heard
fall apart and unravel
and now we are left
with the mere remnants of survivors
watered down by pity and runny mascara sitting
wondering who will come save them
when they fall and scrape their knee

have given women a bad name
while us hustlers
us “is that all you got?” women
are sweating and salting through life

you are merely taking up space
so grab a shovel
get to work
there’s no room for
desperate house wives
home wreckers
or gold diggers here

make no mistake
not all princesses keep
lipstick and a compact in their purse
and dream of pearls and princes

some keep an arsenal of
wits and street smart
a loaded barrel of iron
fists and a sharp tongue
and we like our torn dress and dirty fingernails just fine

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