The 7+ Deadly Sins of Being a Woman Podcast

Khalisa Rae and Melissa Randall produced a podcast series addressing the issues presented in the play production The Seven Deadly Sins of Being a Woman. In the podcast each of the sins is taken and discussed in more detail to further bring to light the inequalities that oppress women in today’s society.






The 7+ Deadly Sins of Being A Woman Play Production

This play takes seven central themes that most commonly silence and oppress women. Through the use of dramatic monologues, these themes are explored and challenged in a raw and vulnerable way.






Brown Girls Brunch Series

The Brown Girls Brunch Series has a mission to foster conversation and connection between women of color over decadent and savory brunches throughout the North Carolina region.

The first in the series will focus on women writers of color, where they will have an opportunity to socialize, and network in a relaxed environment to create long lasting connections.